Our inventory clerks are renowned for their attention to detail. As full members of the AIIC, all our staff have been professionally trained to collect detailed information on all aspects of a property including full photographic support.


An inventory is a true representation of your property taken before the start of any tenancy.  In order to ensure the property is returned to you in the best possible condition, it is essential that a detailed and thorough inventory is taken prior to a tenant moving in. All rooms are described with great attention to detail from floor to ceiling. No room or outside area is left uncovered.

Each aspect of the property is carefully inspected and described in detail, including:

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Woodwork
  • Lighting
  • Windows
  • Fixtures and Fittings
  • Furniture and Contents

Gardens are also included in the Inventory, we describe the condition at time of inventory of the Perimeters, Grounds, Contents, Features and Outbuildings etc.


When a tenant is ready to occupy the property, a Check-in should be carried out.

We meet the tenant on the day that they are moving into the property and walk through the property and the inventory with the tenant to make sure they are at agreement of the condition and contents of the property. We agree and make any additional comments to the inventory together where necessary. This is conducted to avoid disputes at the end of the tenancy, as the tenant should be fully aware of the condition of the property when he/she begins their tenancy and so should return the property to a similar state at the end of their tenancy.

We will also re-record the meter readings so that the reading are accurate to the tenant’s use.


The checkout service takes place at the end of the tenancy. The inventory created at the start of the tenancy is used to compare the condition of the property. We will make a detailed report which will detail any differences to the condition of the property and indicate whether the differences need to be rectified, are a result of ‘fair wear and tear’, need to be “cleaned” or are a result of “maintenance issues”.

When the tenant is present for the check out, we will highlight any areas that may affect the return of their deposit. We will take a forwarding address, record final meter readings, take the keys and return them to where instructed. And, of course, we make sure the property is secure before we leave.


During the tenancy Bright Inventories can arrange an appointment with the tenants to attend the property and check for any potential issues or alleviate any concerns with either party. This also helps bring peace of mind to our landlords, so they are aware that there property is being well looked after.

We will look for areas that could be a cause for concern, such as mould or mildew, leaks, obvious tenant damages, pets being kept, or smoking in the property. We will also ask tenants if they are aware of any maintenance issues that may not be immediately obvious, such as heating not working, issues with appliances owned by property etc. We have a document which includes a 20+ checklist including each of these, and a copy will be sent immediately to the Landlord and/or lettings agent.


Compliance checks – Inspecting properties to assess for legionella, smoke and carbon monoxide legislations as well as appliance instructions, gas and electric certificates and noting asbestos or any other health and safety issues that may be present.

Smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide alarm fitting – Smoke alarms are now legally required in all privately rented properties. Carbon Monoxide alarms are legally required in many Contact us for an installation price

Tenant referencing – Contact us for further details

Please Contact us for other services

We aim to complete and email all inventories and check out reports on standard properties to you (in PDF format unless otherwise specified) on next working day, with hard copies to follow by post if required. Inventory prices include many photographs of the property as standard.

All bookings subject to availability. Properties deemed to be heavily furnished may attract an additional premium of £25

Prices for properties include up to 3 reception rooms, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms, cloakroom, hallways and 1 stairs and landing as well as up to 2 garages, sheds or outbuildings. Additional rooms may be charged at £10 per room.’